Our Story

How it all started...

On August 3rd, 1816, missionaries from the Broad River association, Drury Dobbins and Berryman Hicks, organized Mt. Ruhama Baptist Church. The church was organized with 37 members. Mt. Ruhama was established 175 years after the first Baptist church in America was organized and 89 years after the first Baptist church in North Carolina. This makes Mt. Ruhama one of the oldest churches in our state and nation.

When first established the church was known as “Killians Meeting House”. No one knows when the name was changed to Mt. Ruhama.  One of the meanings of Ruhama is “blessings”, and truly this church has been a blessing to the community for over 190 years.

Four church buildings have been erected on the current site as well as a fellowship addition. The church maintains a parsonage and apx. 100 acres of land for future development.  Mt Ruhama also owns and maintains a Mission House for missionaries on furlough. This is an outreach mission of the church because no fees are charged for couples residing there. This is the only house of it’s kind in the South Fork Asociation.

Mt Ruhama has always been a missions minded church and has been instrumental in starting and organizing churches in other communities.   Those churches include:  Thessalonica, Olivet Baptist, First Baptist in Maiden, Piney Grove, Centerview, and Lawings Chapel.

There have been many changes in the world and our community since our forefathers founded Mt. Ruhama 200 years ago. The common bond that unites our members are the principles of our faith. We strive to provide a place where spiritual growth can flourish.

Be a part of our story...

Join us every Sunday as we gather to worship together at 10:30am