Mission Friends is a WMU missions organization for preschoolers (3 years old-kindergarten).  Mt Ruhama Mission Friends meet each Wednesday night during the school year from 6:30-7:30pm. We share with the children how they can be missionaries here at home and guide them to pray for all the missionaries around the world.

Looking Back/What Mission Friends Is All About:

May 27, 2020- This will be our last Mission Friends lesson until September.  If we are unable to have Mission Friends in the fall at church, we will plan to upload lessons again to this page so our Mission Friends won’t miss out.    

May Focus: This month our focus has been on WorldCrafts.  WorldCrafts is a ministry that helps provide money for poor people in other countries as well as giving them the opportunity to hear the Gospel of Jesus.  

Lesson: This is Ms. Diega.  She knows how to sew and teaches her friends to sew.  They make key chains and bags and lanyards.  WorldCrafts sells their products for them.  These jobs help them care for their families.  During this COVID pandemic, women are sewing face masks to protect themselves and their families from the virus.  Do you know someone that is making masks?  Tell them thank you for providing protection from the COVID-19 virus.  Pray for those that have the virus as well as those that are taking care of those that are infected.   

Do you know anyone who sews?  What do they make?

If you could talk to Ms. Diega, what would you ask her?

How can we ask the Father to care for Ms Diega and her friends?

The Father cares for you.  1 Peter 5:7

Do not forget to do good and to share with others.  Hebrews 13:16

Pray: Pray for Ms Diega and her friends as they are able to continue sewing and making projects to sell to WorldCrafts.  Pray for Mekibib as he and his friends are facing COVID-19 virus just like we are here in America.  

Note:  We received an email from Compassion International this past week with an update on Mekibib.  Our children support Mekibib, a young boy in Ethiopia year round, through Compassion International.  Here is a section of the email below.   Continue to pray for Mekibib.  


Schools and universities are closed. Large gatherings are banned, and traffic to and from the capital city is restricted. All child development centers have stopped group activities, meetings and training. Partner church staff members are distributing food and sanitation items to families and handling medical emergencies. They have educated families on COVID-19 prevention and care and given their personal contact information to families so they can have quick access if needed.

Activity: Create your own prayer necklace: Take a yarn or cord string about 24” in length.  Cut straws into 2” lengths or use pasta noodles with holes in the center, like ziti, or macaroni noodles.  Slide the straw pieces or noodles onto the string, making a necklace.  Tie the ends of the string together.  Wear your necklace to remind you to pray for Ms Diega and her friends who sew for WorldCrafts so they can care for their families.

Mission Friends Song

I know God loves everyone
Like He loves you and me.
Mission Friends are loving, too,
As Jesus said to be. 

Mission Friends are happy,
Mission Friends have fun.
Mission Friends can share God’s Love
with everyone.

Stories about (North Africa)
Can help me as I learn
So I listen carefully
I talk when it’s my turn.

(Repeat Refrain)  

 I can give my money, too,
For people far and near.
Let them know of Jesus’ love;
He wants them all to hear.