We will strive to have our After School Tutoring Program to be a place where “LEARNING” happens. We believe that HOME is the best place for children and that parents are the most important people in the life of a child. WE recognize and respect a parent’s feelings of personal responsibility for their child. But when circumstances dictate that a child is cared for outside the home, we want to offer a HOME AWAY FROM HOME. Children need surroundings with people they know and objects that have meaning to them because of experiences of love and learning, laughter and care.

1. We believe our program should be a place where children’s activities are non-competitive and self-directed. Our goal is to provide educational support and a positive scripture-based influence to the children. Also, the primary purpose of the program is to be community outreach. We want to help the children learn to respect other prople as well as promoting good self-esteem for themselves by being exposed to Christian beliefs. Christian leaders will teach them by example, love them, and nurture them. The emotional, social, physical, and intellectual development of each child, according to his/her individual abilities and neeeds, is the major goal of the staff. This will be accomplished through tutoring and mentoring.

2. We understand that school age children are experiencing a very important and special time in their lives. Each child will need bodily and emotional nurturance and affirmation on an intimate level. They need to be able to feel the following: “I CAN COUNT ON BEING CARED FOR HERE. THEY WILL RESPOND TO ME. I CAN BE ME AND STILL BE LOVED. I WILL BE SAFE HERE!”

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